Meet the Glide

After the opening ceremony and official opening dinner everyone was looking at the forecast. The big question – would there be any racing? The answer - no racing today, the wind blowing with ferocious force. There wasn’t a slightest moment of hope to go out, but that gives us a chance to introduce one of the new classes in the windsurfing circuit. The Glide 2990.

We all know the Techno293 and RS:X well and introducing another board in the dominated non-foiling category is a not common, but the Glide is looking to find a spot in the windsurfing community and with Olympic windsurfing now going foiling it might attract fans of the non-foiling category.

The Glide is suitable for all levels of competitors and the general public, both for racing and recreational activities. In high performance race mode, with the one Hull, Rig, Fin & Centre board it sails efficiently & easily from 1 to 30 knots without changing any of the components. Windsurf exploring up rivers, around lakes & Islands or in rough open ocean are possible on one hull & rig.

Earlier this year Glide was the only non-foiling tender 2024 Olympic equipment candidate, apart from the RS:X, at the sea trials. Having been put to the test by some of the best windsurfers out there, although not receiving a recommendation, it received some positive feedback. Here is how US sailor Farrah Hall described the Glide in her blog post:

The equipment that I thought came the closest to the Olympic values of equality, accessibility and fair play, and also having a carefully thought-out design was Bruce Kendall’s Glide tender. It was fun and balanced to sail, if a little underpowered, with a stable, easy to rig and good quality 8,5 by Loft sails. Compared to the RS:X, it is lighter and sailed more like a raceboard on the rail (more waterline). It planed both upwind and downwind faster, but naturally wanted to stay longer on the rail upwind than RS:X. The design of the Glide is detailed, good quality and well thought out for everyday use. The boards are designed to be used as charters as well for international events, and the specs between boards and rig components have been well controlled for so that they are as similar to each other as possible. The white colour is sun resistant and the daggerboard and mast track are designed to be safe for toes…

…The Glide was well outperforming the RS:X around the course in marginal wind, although the RS:X was faster planing downwind and had a more “Formula” type feeling in planing conditions of about 15 knots. The Glide platform has started to work well in Asia where it was born, and as of now it’s better suited to smaller people. I came into the test a fan of this gear, having tried it before in France, and I still remain a fan.

If you’d like to learn Farrah’s thoughts on this and other tenders go straight to her blog post - 

For us, a second day in a row of strong wind. Penghu is a windy place! A windsurfers paradise for sure, shortboard windsurfers getting their 4 sqm sails ready for some serious fun as I write this.

We will see you tomorrow at the Asian Windsurfing Championships. Skippers’ meeting at 9:00 and first possible start 10:00.

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