Not all decided yet, but almost

We were waiting to be tested by the light wind today. The test never happened. Having scheduled the start for 13:00 we were expecting the wind to be around 6 -7 kts at the time we arrive at the venue. As it turned out it was more - planing conditions again.
When you have conditions like this there is not much happening outside of racing. We had no protests so far, and the story of the day would probably be our first OCS of the championship. The unhappy sailor Hong Kong based Italian Edoardo Tanas. As it happens in cases like this, there was another unlucky competitor in that race too, Edoardo’s rival to the podium places Lok Yeung. Lok could not take advantage of the situation, as he had broken his mast. So back to square one for both. Kwan Lam Ma and Ling Yeung Au leading in the RS:X Youth Men. 

Over in the RS:X Women the Hong Kong trio Hei Man H V Chan, Wai Yan Ngai and Ma Kwan Ching are on top spots, but the battle for podium places will only be decided tomorrow as there are only two points between places 2 to 4. 

Maoingst the men Wonwoo Cho won just one race today, but with one discard and another to come tomorrow he is on a good path to victory. In second representing Hong Kong Chun Leung Michael Cheng and local Howard Chang in third. 

Unless something dramatic happens two more competitors are also almost there - John Harold Madrigal on the Glide and Chun Po Lam on the T293. Both getting 3 bullets today. 

Tomorrow an earlier start, so follow us during the last day of the event in Penghu on our event website -   

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